We spend about 300 days a year trying to make money, but often fail to spend just three hours a year with a financial planner to decide how best to spend, save and invest the money we have worked so hard for. At QWM our qualified and experienced financial advisors assist individuals in the attainment of the critical financial goals of  wealth creation and retirement planning.


It is a well-known fact that South Africa has a very low household savings rate. According to recently published statistics, less than 10% of South African retirees have accumulated sufficient retirement savings to provide for a comfortable retirement. As people live longer, this problem becomes more and more acute. The key to wealth creation is to save surplus income before you start spending and then investing those savings in the right combination of assets, with the help of your financial adviser.


Investors who are at, or near retirement age need professional advice on how to optimise their investments so that they:

  • Avoid depleting their capital by drawing income at a rate greater than the returns on their investment.
  • Avoid diluting their buying power by not obtaining a return greater than inflation.
  • Do not pay tax unnecessarily by using inappropriate investment vehicles.