Fiduciary services

It is important when thinking about your legacy, to ensure that your wishes are met and that your loved ones are taken care of and can build on your prosperity. It is however a complex process requiring the correct and appropriate guidance tailored to your specific needs to confirm a sustainable result. Part of estate planning includes a complete analysis of your current circumstances, both personally and professionally, taking into account the end result for you to enjoy during your lifetime and to safeguard for the expenses of your estate after your death, such as estate duty, capital gains tax, executor’s fees and any other such expenses.



 An essential part of estate planning is ensuring that you have a will in place, not only to specify the distribution of your estate and to minimize estate duty, but to guarantee your children are looked after and provided for. It is one of the most important documents you will sign, which needs to be kept in safe hands, to ensure your hard earned assets are devolved according to your wishes and to enable the executor to effectively wind up your estate with all the relevant information

Estate Administration

To avoid placing your family under unnecessary pressure after your passing, we offer executorship services to ensure your estate is wound up timeously and effectively in terms of the applicable laws and regulations without burdening your family with this task.

Estate Planning

To ensure sustainability and to protect your assets against estate duty and capital gains tax, successful estate planning is a vital ongoing process to ensure financial stability taking into regard your individual circumstances and needs.


Trusts are still useful if it is your intention is to protect your wealth for your future generation. A trust deed appoints trustees to administer the assets of the trust, which can include any assets, both immovable and movable property, investments and even shares.