Employee Benefits

Quantum Employee Benefits (QEB) renders renders customised and professional services to clients.

It is not our objective to become a big player in the retirement market, but rather to provide a high quality service in a niche market. We do not provide a “one stop” service, but focus on delivering an esteemed service that will be appreciated by clients.


QEB provide the following distinct service delivery activities:

Independent principal officer services

The role of Principal Officer is vital for the proper performance of the Management Committee. QEB provide experienced and qualified Principal Officer services; or if required by the Fund a merely supporting functions to the existing Principal Officer.

Traditional retirement fund and employee benefit consulting and secretarial services


The primary responsibility of the Fund’s compliance with the provisions of the Act and the regulations rests and remains with the Management Committee. QEB provides assistance to the Fund with the independent monitoring of the Fund’s compliancy in terms of the Pensions Act and related regulations.


Quantum Wealth Management (QWM) is a niche financial services provider that offers clients a range of investment solutions to accommodate their unique risk and return objectives.

At QWM our experienced financial advisers assist individuals in the attainment of the following critical financial goals:

  • Retirement planning
  • Wealth creation (pre-retirement planning)
  • Estate planning


Our independence is of utmost importance to us. We do not provide any administrative services, due to the believe that it will undermine our objectivity in providing independent Consulting, Monitoring and Principal Officer services.

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Willie Botes 

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Ronel Wahl 

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