The confluence of recent market events has triggered an extremely violent fall in global and local investment markets. The world has arguably not seen anything similar in the past three decades. This could not have come at a worst time – last year we saw global economic growth starting to stagnate while South Africa entered a recession with economic growth non-existent.

Despite this gloomy introduction, the Quantum Funds experienced very good returns during 2019 and has continued to do so until this most recent “Black Swan Event”. Relative to our peers, we continue to deliver returns that are above the average of the relevant ASISA* categories. This cannot be attributed to any kind of foresight, but rather the fact that we have gradually de-risked portfolios over time because of the slowing down in global growth and a stagnant South African economy. However, we are not escaping the current declines and the global contraction will continue to have a negative impact on all investment portfolios.

2020-03-18 Covid 19