Our Approach

Here at Quantum Wealth Management we offer inflation-beating returns, risk minimization, consistent returns and multi-managed funds. Our investment and management skills provide protection against the cyclical nature of financial market. We constantly monitor our results and adjust our strategy to accomplish the best results possible.


Investment Philosophy

At QWM, investment principles are defined from the viewpoint of the client. Our funds are explicitly aligned with our clients’ unique goals.


The client’s first priority when investing should be the achievement of a return above inflation. Inflation erodes the future purchasing power of one’s capital. An active approach to asset allocation is used to achieve returns that are correlated to the external inflationary environment.


We define risk as the permanent loss of capital. Risk is managed by diversifying across asset classes, asset managers and investment styles.


Different investment styles generate alpha (outperformance) over different time periods and in different markets. An optimal combination of different investment styles and skills provides protection against the cyclical nature of financial markets.



The following flow chart depicts the QWM investment process:

Investment Objective

QWM has its roots in financial planning – our frequent interaction with clients has provided valuable insights into investors’ thinking process and behaviour with regards to their investments.

By incorporating the insights gathered in the financial planning process with investment science we aim to provide our clients with consistent, inflation-beating returns at minimal levels of risk.

Investment Committee

Corion Capital

Corion Capital is an independent investment management and consulting firm who serves as Quantum’s external consultants on our investment committee. Collectively their team has on average in excess of ten years of investment consulting and multi-manager investment management experience and include two actuaries and a number of CFA charter holders and candidates.



FC started his financial services career in 1994 as a pension fund trustee and principal officer for a corporate pension fund. In 1997 he started his own financial services practice and management consultancy firm, rendering services to individuals and corporates. Services apart from management and labour relations consulting included independent principal officer services, retirement fund and investment consulting and financial planning for individuals.  FC has served on various investment committees and boards of trustees and has been a portfolio manager at QWM since 2002.



Theo has extensive experience in the financial markets. Before embarking on a career in asset management he was an Econometrist at the Central Economic Advisory Service. He subsequently joined PSG as a Senior Researcher and became a Portfolio Manager at PSG Alphen Asset Management. He has 21 years’ experience in investment research and management.



Alicia started her career in the financial services industry in January 2013 as a junior financial planner at PSG Konsult. She joined the Quantum team as an investment analyst in September 2013. In 2014 Alicia’s role at Quantum expanded and she also started assisting clients in financial planning. Alicia’s investment analyst responsibilities include the day-to-day management and monitoring of our multi-manager portfolios and quantitative and qualitative research on funds and managers. She is part of Quantum’s investment committee and contributes insights on our funds’ investment decisions.
As a financial planner Alicia focusses on financial planning, retirement planning, estate planning and investment management.



Stefan completed his BCom studies at the University of Pretoria in 2015. He then went on to complete his BCom Honours degree in Investment Management in 2016. Stefan’s role as an investment analyst includes the day-to-day management and monitoring of our multi-manager portfolios as well as quantitative and qualitative research on funds and managers.